Writer’s Challenge

Welcome to Writer’s Challenge! This is a regular feature of Front Matter,Tyepwriter Image in which writers are challenged (well, duh) to respond to different kinds of prompts each week. There will be writing prompts for both fiction and non-fiction, as well as a personal or business-related task suggested to enhance your writing business (other kinds of business owners might benefit from some of these as well, but the bent is toward writers and editors).

There’s no contest, no time limit and no requirement that you do the prompts from week to week. Simply find what resonates with you, and go for it! Work offline or post your responses on your blog to share with others. You can respond and post comments at any time, even to older prompts. Just know that you’ll get the most traffic, feedback and discussion on the current week’s prompts.

If you do respond in Cyberspace to one of the prompts, feel free to leave a link to the results in the comments section so others can admire your handiwork. Just indicate which prompt you’re responding to, copy the first 25-30 words of your text (or a short introduction/summary if you’re doing the non-writing challenge), and then a link to the blog or website where visitors can find your full work. There’s no word limit, but I recommend keeping pieces under 800 words to facilitate quick reading by your peers.

The primary goals of this challenge are to help writers find a creative foothold each week, take a break from the workday to return refreshed, and to establish meaningful but feasible business goals each week. The WC is an informal community of sharing and support. If you’d like others to read your work, please read and comment on the work of others. If you find inspiration here, please pay it forward.

**Please, no profanity or adult content in the comments section, and warn others if your link goes to an adult-content or erotic writing site. Any SPAM, irrelevant links or desperate ploys for attention will be deleted.**

Thanks & have fun!


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