Inaugural Writer’s Challenge

Front Matter’s Writing Challenge: No contests. No time limits. Just inspiration, motivation, and a friendly kick in the pants! Respond on your own blog or website and share – or not – at your leisure. For the sanity of all, please read guidelines before posting a comment linking to your response – thanks!

A. Fiction Prompt

“Writhing in miserable pain on the ground, he knew his career was almost certainly over today. As he scanned the crowd in vain for her face, however, he knew his problems were bigger than that. Much bigger.”

B. Non-Fiction Prompt

St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes/desperate cases. Write about an experience you had with what seemed like a lost cause.

C. Personal Challenge

Follow or Like 7 new things online this week (Twitter accounts, Facebook fan pages, blogs). For each one, send a personal message to the author, curator, or account-holder telling him or her something that appeals to you about their page, profile, or blog. Be genuine!


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